Closing the Analytics Skills Gap: An Interview with Libby Duane Adams of Alteryx

July 11, 2022

few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Libby Duane Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Advocacy Officer at Alteryx.

Alteryx is the industry leader in data analytics technology and, as Libby explained during our discussion, the company's mission is to enable everyone to be able to derive insights from data that will help inform better business practices. Alteryx recently launched its education program, SparkED, to respond to the global shortage of workers with data analytics skills. We were also joined by Nathalie Mainland, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SparkED, who spoke about Alteryx's upcoming move to the cloud and how the Alteryx solutions are being used to provide greater access to technology for all.

Libby Duane Adams co-founded Alteryx 24 years ago with Dean Stoecker and Ned Harding and she is one of only a handful of female founders to take a technology program public. We are grateful that she and Nathalie took the time to talk with us!