HAI Analytics provides predictive modeling solutions to colleges and businesses looking to make strategic, data-informed decisions.

Predictive modeling uses past behavior (historical data) to create algorithms that will forecast future outcomes. With a deep understanding of statistics and machine learning algorithms, and many years’ experience applying these models to address real-world problems, HAI Analytics is the ideal partner for organizations looking to leverage the power of data. What sets HAI apart is our commitment to the responsible and human-centered use of business intelligence.

HAI Analytics solutions implementation

We deliver results that can improve enrollment outcomes

  • Understand the factors that drive the behavior of your prospective and current students and alumni
  • Improve efficiency in order to reduce recruitment and retention costs
  • Increase predictability of net tuition revenue and fundraising outcomes
  • Maximize conversion
  • Harness the power of data to improve outcomes and reach your goals

"HAI Analytics worked closely with us at Franklin & Marshall College to improve our predictive modeling. We needed to have a more sophisticated yield model. Had we received only that, it would have been great; but they provided much more. Their understanding of higher education and the data that affects us, took us much further. We now have better standards and tools for reporting, a model that predicts first to second year retention, and a greater awareness of the factors that are influencing enrollment. HAI is now part of a strong Enrollment Management team at F&M."

"I have known the team at HAI for many years and value their hard work and insight. Their detailed analysis helped us develop a scholarship program for the launch of our new Doctoral programs. They also helped us understand how to apply predictive modeling to optimize our lead pool to prioritize our best opportunities. Their work is outstanding and they work very hard for their clients."

“We have a very small development staff and there is no way we can reach out on an individual basis to every potential donor. The predictive model and lead-scoring provided by HAI allows us to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our outreach.”

“Emily Coleman and Jen Cox are sophisticated professionals who can make a difference for your institution or business. They will bring a wealth of knowledge and on-ground experience to their effort on your behalf. Able to bring advanced analytics to the fore in almost any setting, they also bring the remarkable ability to make analysis work for you in the real world. If you need sophistication and an appreciation for nuance, Emily, Jen, and HAI analytics have just what you need to improve your results and meet your goals.”

“The work that Emily did for us enabled the law school to adopt standards that dramatically improved our bar pass rate. Now, 90+% or more of our graduates are successfully admitted to the bar within two years of graduation. We have one of the highest pass rates in NYS. We are thankful for the work Emily did, which gave us insights through analytics that the faculty and administration then acted on to improve our outcomes. We owe Emily a great deal.”

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