Optimizing Financial Aid: Advanced Analytics & Income Share Agreements [WEBINAR]

June 25, 2020

very institution is facing tough decisions this year. NACUBO's 2020 Tuition Discounting Study reports that tuition discount rates have been steadily increasing over the past 13 years, with the national average freshman discount now sitting above 50 percent.

Many institutions are caught in a self-perpetuating cycle: They have to increase discounts to drive enrollment, then move enrollment targets to drive revenue. To offset this trend, a growing number of schools are incorporating income share agreements (ISAs) into their financial aid packaging strategies.

HAI Analytics and Vemo Education hosted a webinar on June 16, 2020 focused on financial aid optimization, including the use of ISAs. HAI Analytics showcased our transparent approach to financial aid strategy development, and shared more about the immediate and long-term benefits of introducing an ISA program.

In this webinar + live Q&A, we reviewed how institutions are designing diversified financial aid strategies to help institutions:

  • Balance affordability and resources
  • Increase net tuition revenue
  • Lower discount rate
  • Improve access to students and retention

View this webinar to hear more about optimizing and diversifying financial aid from our speakers Emily Coleman, Co-Founder and CEO of HAI Analytics, and Bill Brosseau, Co-Founder and VP for Higher Education of Vemo Education.

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